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2.4.1998 - 4.10.2012

International Champion (CIB FCI)
Czech Champion
Slovak Champion
Polish Champion
Slovenian Champion
Croatian Champion
Romanian Champion
Moldavian Champion
Czech Veteran Champion
Club Champion BC CZ
Club Champion BC SK
Club Veteran Winner '09
Specialty Veteran Winner '07
Winner of the Cup of the Black Sea
BOB veteran, r.BIS veteran
Sam was the first Beagle in our family and he taught us all about Beagles. As a youngster he had his own head but soon we learnt to understand each other and later on he performed obedience with the accuracy of a Border Collie. Sam was also our tourist dog - he has traveled literally through out all of Europe - from Finland to Italy, from the Netherlands to Moldavia and everywhere he has been a wonderful companion which is something always did best. At shows he sometimes did better, sometimes worse but anyway with so many Championships he still was one of the most titled dogs of his time.
Fortunately Sam was a very healthy dog all his life and by some miracle he never got grey and nobody could tell how old he really was. In September 2012 he suddenly got very weak and completely lost his appetite and spark. Even though we spent every other day at the veterinary clinic, nothing was helping and the cause of his condition remained unknown. On October 4th, the day Shely came into our family, Sam crossed over the rainbow bridge. There is not a single day I wouldn't think about him. Sam, I miss you so much!
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