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25.8.2000 - 4.9.2014

International Champion (CIB FCI)
Czech Champion
Slovak Champion
Slovak Grand Champion
Polish Champion
Austrian Champion
Slovenian Champion
Croatian Champion
Czech Veteran Champion
Slovak Veteran Champion
Czech Junior Champion
Slovak Junior Champion
Club Champion BC CZ
Club Champion BC SK
Best In Show Veteran
res. Best In Show Veteran
Club Veteran Winner SK 2010
Club Winner H 2005
Club Winner SK 2003
Specialty Winner 2003
Club Winner SK 2002
Club Specialty Winner 2001
Club Junior Winner 2001
Multiple BIG Winner
Multiple BOB Winner

Chance came to our family just before Christmas 2000 as a little puppy from snowy Finland, where I was to meet him personally. He was the most wonderful puppy with a brown face that was interested in everything - especially things he could carry around and chew! Later on this has proved to be a big hobby of his and so everything in our house is labeled with Chance's teeth.. Once he came out of his "teen-months" he became the loveliest dog ever and thanks to his easy training nature nothing was never impossible for us. He had an unbelievably constant show career - he has been winning since puppy class till today when he shows himself in the veterans class from time to time where he still is able to pull of a big breed or best veteran in show win. He was able to win both at home and abroad, both under locals and foreigners, under breed specialists as well as respected all-round judges. And as a bonus he was always able to pass his qualities to his puppies, grand puppies and further on. 
Since he was 8 years old Chance lived with my sister who absolutely fell in love with his personality and he enjoyed being a single much pampered dog. He would spend weekends with us in the country with the rest of the pack. Even though he has been sick as an old dog, thanks to the care of my sister and his team of veterinarians, we never gave up and Chance proved to be a big fighter. And therefore Chance lived to the ripe age of 14 outliving a number of his children and family. His passing was and still is very hurtful.
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