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17.9.2009 - 13.10.2018

International Champion FCI (CIB)
International Champion FCI (CIE)
Czech Champion
German Champion
Slovak Champion
Croatian Champion
Czech Junior Champion
German Junior Champion
Slovak Junior Champion
Croatian Junior Champion
Club Champion BCD
Club Champion BC CZ
Club Junior Champion BCD
Club Puppy Winner CZ 2010
Specialty Junior Winner CZ 2010
Club Junior Winner SK 2010
Jugendsieger Leipzig 2010
Sieger Berlin 2011
Victory Winner 2012
Multiple Breed winner
Multiple Group winner and placer

Hound trials 2nd prize

health clearances: HD 0/0, MLS N/N, NCCD N/N, F VII N/N, ​IGS N/N
It may have been fate. I wasn't planning to keep a boy but things turned out and a boy like him is born once in a million years and so he stayed home. Not only that he was stunning and had fantastic health results, but most of all his personality was special. He was my partner for everything, studied with me for finals at University, travelled to work with me by train, metro and tram, walked with me across Charles Bridge, slept in my bed, he was my best buddy for stroller walks. He adored me and I adored him. He left this world the same way he entered it and the same way he lived - in my arms and loved. When leaving, he took a piece of my heart with him. 
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