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Beagles have been a part of our family for 24 wonderful years and even though they are so successful, the main thing is that they are our pets who sleep in our beds, go for long walks and watch tv with us.
Although they are basically mine I have to thank my whole family for their support.
I have graduated a masters program at the University of Agriculture in Prague - course on Breeding. This allows to take theory into practice and offer the best possible care to my dogs and puppies.
We have litters only occasionally but always make sure the combination is the best. We are the first in the Czech Republic and Central Europe to test dogs for MLS, FVII deficiency and NCCD.

I believe one doesn't become a breeder by simply producing puppies but it all takes constant educating, loads of patience and a huge desire to go forward.. And nerves (as nobody likes a winner)!! And most importantly a big heart.


Our first Beagle was Sam who came to our family in 1998. Although we didn't really plan on showing him, one day we went to a show and Sam did very well. From then on we started showing a lot. Even though we weren't always succesful we didn't give up and Sam has became a multiple Champion.

And because Beagles are happier when there is more of them we brought a friend for Sam in the winter of 2000. This time we were more ambitious for a quality dog. We imported Chance from the Daragoj kennels in Finland and with his breeder we are very good friends. I can say that Eeva Reasko introduced me to the world of breeding dogs. Chance had an amazing show career and also proved to be an excellent stud dog.

Soon we knew our boys were missing a girl at home. And so in 2003 Amy came to us from the United States from the world known Starbuck Torbay kennels. Amy - for me the most wonderful Beagle in the world broke Chance's show records and became one of the most succesful Beagles in Europe and maybe in the world - winning the breed both in the US as well as in many European countries. We have a wonderful relationship with her breeders with whom I am in daily contact. In 2007 I have spent three months in the US not only as a tourist but especially gaining as many show and breeding experiences as I could.

Along came Chance's and Amy's first born Lui and her two red pups Bryte and Diva whom we have kept and my pride got a whole lot bigger - suddenly tears and goose bumps showed up after they won big awards.
Their amazing personalities convinced me how important and beneficial is the socialization and love I give to my puppies. This always will be a number 1 point at Alikiss.

Today my own Alikiss Beagles are the show winners. New owners of my puppies turned to be my very close friends who appreciate my effort and passion for Beagles. I hope to breed puppies that will make their owners happy and proud in the future - may it be at home on the sofa, or the showring or at dog sports.

Beagles introduced me to a whole new world. I have traveled all around Europe and visited overseas as well. Everywhere I met great people and made new friends.
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